Best golf putter - Reviews and buying guide

The putter is surely the most essential element of your golf bag, as it is on it that your final shot depends. Therefore, it is important to get a good putter. But, even if you call a specialist to get you one, they will all offer you different models because a good putter is the one that corresponds to its user. So, to recognize the one that is made for you, find in this article a buying guide, practical advice and a comparison of the best models where you will surely find your happiness. Among them, there is notably the TaylorMadeGolf 2017 Spider Tour which combines a light core for better handling and a heavy frame for balance, the Pinemeadow Golf Site 2 Putters for a straight shot, or the Pinemeadow Golf Putter for Men.

How to choose a good golf putter

If you are probably wondering where to buy the best golf putter on the market to put the ball in the hole for sure, you are not asking the right question. Since the effectiveness of a putter depends on its user, you should know first and foremost which golf putter to choose according to your abilities and how to choose the best golf putters. So, before you check out the comparison, here are the criteria on which to base the choice of buying a putter. These include the performance offered, the type of putter that suits your style and the features you need to know.


To begin in this buying guide for the best golf putters, we're going to talk about the importance of performance. Good putting is based as much on the skill of the golfer as it is on the performance of the putter. The best way to ensure performance is always to try it out. You need a putter with enough support points so that you can hit the hole accurately without having to consider all the forces of physics on every shot. You also need to take into account your comfort level. The putter should be light enough for better maneuverability, but also heavy enough for better balance.

The type of putter

There are two main types of putters: the classic putter and the mallet putter. Their differences are not in their price, because one is not cheaper than the other. The difference is in the shape and performance. The first one has a shape that allows to distribute the masses so that they are not felt too much at the time of carrying the blow. It also offers a greater tolerance for off-center hits thanks to a head that remains perpendicular to the line of the putt. The second one offers even more forgiveness thanks to a higher inertia and a more prominent head shape.


Each putter also has features that can vary from one model to another. These include the offset, which is a deviation of the putter shaft further forward of the head to help with ball flight accuracy. Then the insert which can be made of plastic or iron alloy. It is used to have a softer touch. Then there are the visual cues so you can specify your trajectory to the eye in relation to the lens. And finally, the length of the putter must be adapted to the size of its user to promote maximum aiming.

Our opinion on the best golf putters

A good putter is essential to finish your golf course. Those who are already accustomed and initiated will easily find their way around, but for those who are new to this sport, which is very demanding in terms of equipment and precision, it is necessary to compare to find out which is the best putter on the market. This sport has been around for a long time, and the equipment dedicated to it is diverse, both in brand and in quality. To help you in your journey, we recommend five products here and you will see for yourself which one is the best.

Help and FAQ

How to Use a Golf Putter

Now that you have purchased the right golf putter for you and your game without being influenced by a price comparison, you need to know a few tips on how to use it to get the most out of your purchase. Here are some tips that we hope will help you.

Be technical

If you are just starting out in golf, you should know that putting is the shot that is supposed to send the ball into the hole and is therefore the main club. And to ensure a better score, this is the part you should not neglect. It is then necessary to have a good technique of striking, that is to say to put itself in the good position, to have the good movement and to make much exercise of shooting to accustom your wrists and your body. To acquire the right techniques, it is best to take lessons with coaches and not just rely on videos posted on the web.

Maintaining your putter

The putter is the club that is often the most neglected by golf enthusiasts. However, you should know that it is with the putter that you make the most strokes, up to half of the course with a par of 72 shots. It therefore needs to be maintained like the other thirteen clubs because of the workload it performs. So, to avoid having to look for where to buy a new golf putter on a regular basis, it would be best to maintain the one you have.

Store your clubs in the right conditions

You're probably thinking about getting rid of your golf clubs in a garage or a utility closet, if not in the trunk of your car, once you won't need them for a long time. You may not own the best brand of golf putter, but all equipment should be stored in the best condition. And having the habit of always storing your clubs in a suitable environment won't cost you much. To store your clubs, all you need to do is clean them well and make sure they are dry before putting them in their bag and place them in a temperate room, far from any humidity.


Q1: How do I recognize a putter?

If you're just starting out on the golf course, don't be embarrassed if you can't spot a putter among the many clubs in your bag. Getting the wrong club is more common than you think. So to make it easy to recognize it, know that it's the shortest club in your golf bag. It is shaped like a mallet or blade and is used to send the ball into the hole. It is used on the edge of the green, which is a square surface, and is the only club allowed by the label to be used in this area.

Q2: Why choose a Maillet putter?

Choosing a mallet putter has many advantages that will surely influence your choice if you are wondering how to buy a better value golf putter. It is considered by many players as the best golf putter. It is especially suitable for players with a straight swing, as its center of gravity is located in the back of the golf club. Its design easily allows the player to keep the face straight when hitting the ball. This results in a more accurate and consistent putt. In addition, it allows for a better feel due to a more even and strategic weight distribution. It offers a completely different feel than if you were to use a traditional putter? But of course, whether or not you buy one will always depend on how comfortable you are with it.

Q3: How do I practice putting?

It is good to know that the advice we give you in this article is never equivalent to a training session led by a real coach who can correct you as you go along. We are only giving you a very basic overview. The essential points that you will have to work on during a putting training are: the work of precision, because the putt is the final blow which will make enter your ball in the hole, the work on the intelligence of play is also essential. In fact, in golf, you must also know how to analyze a game situation.

Q4: How do I clean a putter?

Cleaning a putter is done like any other golf club. You only need 5 basic materials: a bucket, dishwashing liquid, a hard bristle brush and water, first hot then cold, and a terry towel. To do this, you need to mix hot water and dishwashing liquid in the bucket and then dip the club in it. The water will soften the soil that is bound to be on the club head, and the detergent will act as a cleaning agent. Next, you'll need to scrub the club with the brush to thoroughly clean all the grooves on the club. Finally, when you're really satisfied with the cleanliness of your clubs, don't forget to sponge them down.

Q5: What is the most famous putter?

Yes, a historic putt is not only for the golfer's benefit, but also for the fame of the putter. Indeed, a putt is a team effort between the golfer and his equipment. But the golfer did not become famous for one exceptional stroke, but for some particularly troubled stories. The most famous putter in the history of golf is the Calamity Jane by Bobby Jones, a name that is not very original, we agree, but which has nevertheless entered the history books. It is interesting to know this story, so be curious and check it out on the web.

Golf Putter : History of the Putter

The game of golf can be considered to have its roots all the way back in the 13th century when there is a somewhat dubious mention of a similar game played in the Dutch province of Utrecht. In this primitive game, the Dutch used a stick to hit a leather ball into a small hole, and whoever could make the fewest strokes was the winner. While the subject is still hotly debated, modern golf is considered a Scottish invention and was first documented there in 1457. No matter how you look at it, golf has been played for 550 years or more, but the putter is a much more recent addition to the game.

The putter made its first appearance in the 16th century when it was called a putter cleek. These early putters were made from a hardwood such as beech or apple, while the shaft was made from hazel or ash. Iron heads were available at this time, but the feather balls used were not very durable and could easily be damaged by iron clubs. Later, in the mid 1800's, when the much more durable gut ball was introduced, golfers began to switch to iron clubs and putters.

By the late 1800s, most putters had iron heads, but still used wooden shafts, often made of American hickory. It wasn't until the early 1900s that steel shafts, as is common today, became the standard for putters. At that time, the term "cleek" was dropped in favor of the shortened "putter," and the wood and iron numbering system was instituted.

The most famous putter in golf history

Without a doubt, one particular putter is considered the most famous putter in golf history. Its name is Calamity Jane and the legendary golfer Bobby Jones used it to win 13 major championships. Calamity Jane was a relatively short putter, just 33.5 inches long, and according to Jones, it was in such poor condition that even if you left it in the bargain bin of dollar clubs in a pro store, no one would buy it. Of course, that's not the case today, with its estimated value somewhere in the low seven figures.

Calamity Jane had a long and troubled history and came very close to being broken or lost more than once. It is believed to have been made in Scotland around 1900 and had already seen many owners by the time Jones acquired it following a loss in the 1920 American Amateur. At that time, its hickory barrel had been cracked and glued back together with multiple sections of black linen whip used for reinforcement. In 1925, a fire destroyed all of Jones' clubs except for Calamity Jane.

By 1926, the original Calamity Jane had become so worn from polishing that its face had become uneven and it could no longer be used. Jones decided to have it refinished by Spalding clubmaker J. Victor East.

In 1927, after a particularly bad round of putting, Jones put Calamity Jane II on his knee with the intention of breaking it in half until a passerby commented, "Hey, you'll want it tomorrow. You'd better have a devil you know instead of another." Years later, in 1929, the second Calamity Jane was stolen from a parked car in New York City, but fortunately was found the next day. Jones and Calamity Jane II made the front page of the New York Times when he shot 64 at the Augusta National Masters in 1936 with only 25 putts.

Currently, the original Calamity Jane can be seen at the Augusta National GC clubhouse and the Calamity Jane II is housed at the USGA Museum in Far Hills, N.J.

Tips for choosing the right golf putter

The right golf putter can make all the difference in your short game, and can often mean the difference between winning and losing a round. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, there are more types and styles of putters on the market than any other type of club. While this variety can be confusing, it also means that you should be able to find one that fits you perfectly.

The first, and probably the most important aspect to consider is length. To find out if the putter you're looking at is the right length, get into a putting position and take a practice swing with it. If you find yourself gripping too low on the shaft, it is too long. If you notice that you are leaning too far or over the tip of the putter, it is too short.

Next, you need to consider the weight of the putter. Each length of putter is built to a specific weight for the ideal swing weight. A shorter putter needs a heavier head to help you get the right amount of swing power over a shorter distance. The balance point is also a vital factor that affects how it works with your playing style and preferred shot type. If you like a square to square shot, opt for a balanced face putter. If you like to play an arc, opt for a balanced putter.